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Classic Couture Fashion – Why Vintage Clothing Remains To-Die-For Today

When we say vintage clothing we often refer to it as old pieces of wardrobe previously worn by our parents, grandparents and our ancestors before them. We would normally think of it as very outdated and out of fashion. But today, we consider vintage as one of the timeless and most timely statements of fashion for everyone in town.

They say fashion runs on a cycle. What has been hot several years or seasons ago will be out of fashion for a while and then makes a comeback in our time today. Vintage era, for example, was long before you and I were born – year of the 1920′s to 1950′s, right after the Victorian regime and just before the funks got wild. Vintage clothing by then was classic pieces with accessories revealing images of the queens and royalties. The dresses are of A-lines empire cuts and low backs that accentuate a woman’s length, figure and gives her a greater amount of sophistication.

Today, vintage clothing isn’t just about old pieces finally being fit to be worn again. It’s also about fashion icons and designers trying to revive the old era and create their own modern adaptation of vintage: high-waist skirts becoming popular for both casual and corporate events, the so-called “Peter Pan” collar seen on every chiffon top, prints that go from floral to curving vixens that you know for a certain came from a very old era, classic headpieces that remind you of Audrey Hepburn or Amelia Earhart, accessories like rings and earrings that are so big they look like it is too heavy to be worn by a human being, and so much more. Consumers die to get authentic vintage pieces from stores and redo their late icons, creating a very couture fashion statement wherever they strut their stuff.

One reason for the undying want for vintage clothing is that it is classic. Old and classic are two different things. Old is just plain out-dated and wouldn’t be worn to another event again unless it is a costume party. But classic means timelessness – standing the test of seasons and stay chic, sophisticated and still to-die-for after so many years. While other people may not appreciate vintage at this modern age, it is still one of the hottest fashion items in town for its uniqueness and agelessness where people of any strokes and folks can live by in their closets and travel bags for the rest of their lives.


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